70 X 140 cm | 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels For Hotels, Spas, Yachts & Laundries
70 X 140 cm | 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels For Hotels, Spas, Yachts & Laundries
70 X 140 cm | 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels For Hotels, Spas, Yachts & Laundries

70 X 140 cm | 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels For Hotels, Spas, Yachts & Laundries

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Brand: H & Y

Sizes of Towel: Group VIII - GrBt 70 X 140 cm, Grey Bath Towels, Double Stitched 420 g / qm, 50 Pieces in one box, with a practical loop for hanging up

Price: 252 € For 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels, Save 19 %  + Free house delivery & MwSt. included in Germany

Price: 252 € For 50 Pieces Grey Bath Towels, Save 19 %  + Free house delivery in Europe ( EEC )VAT will be paid by clients in their countries.

Material: 100 % High-Quality Cotton labeled in 9 languages, Highly Absorbent and Extra Soft

Color: Grey

Material Care Instructions: Separate Machine Wash till 60´C, perfect for everyday Use

Weight of box: 23 Kgs.

Size of box : Br 39 x Hi 53 X Le 73

Shipping : 3 - 5 Working days

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About this item:
100% High-Quality Cotton

Absorbency and Softness: Fluffy and highly absorbent Towels are able to absorb water and moisture fast which will give you an enjoyable user experience. Besides, the 100% High-Quality Cotton towels are also crafted to be super-soft and fast drying. Time to wrap yourself in a cozy plush towel.

Durability: By using proficient sewing techniques, our Double Stitched Towels as well as the braided fabrics for the towels. The towels also become softer and fluffier with every subsequent wash. Machine washable, fade-resistant, and long-lasting.

Classy color and style: Available in white color with a timeless pattern. It provides you a delicate touch on every different occasion such as Hotels, Spas, Yachts & Laundries. The classic style fits any bathroom style or design, and always makes you feel at home.

Product quality: The Towels are easily cared for with machine wash, tumble dry, but please do not use anything that contains bleachers. We will constantly keep our attention to your feedback and advice related to the Towels, thus enhancing the product quality and trust.

Why choose us?

Quality that speaks

The quality of the craftsmanship and the local artisans we employ are what make Avadh Textil our mission in life.

What our customers say about us

“Our customers are extremely demanding and Avadh Textil helps our company get the job done. For several years Avadh Textil has been among our most valued suppliers. Working hands-on with our manufacturing team, Avadh Textil has learned our business and understands how to bring value to it. Over the years, they have developed numerous new and innovative top-designs that have consistently added performance and aesthetic features to our insoles. They help keep us a step ahead of our competition.”

Branka Knez, ILIRIJA GROUP - Croatia, Leading Hotels, Resorts & Yachts across Europe

"Avadh Textil has been supplying various types of Towels, Bed Sheets, Duvets and eco friendly products to our Hotel chains for several years. I am always amazed to see the quality of products in reasonable prices. Team of Avadh Textil always provides innovation in various products. Now, I do not call them our supplier rather calling our Partner. This is the kind of trust they have build while growing together. Without any doubt, I highly recommend Avadh Textil products to anyone looking for such products along with a trusted partner."

Vjekoslav Marinović, ALBATROS YACHTING, Leading Yacht chains across Europe


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